Welcome To Army Public School Tariq Garrison Balkasar, Chakwal

Welcome to APS TG Balkasar

Principal's Message Mr. Muhammad Amir Tariq

Chakwal is a unique and vibrant land of soldiers. APS TG provides excellent learning and teaching opportunity to the student and staff to this area. Our students enjoy their education and have positive attitude to learning.
The pivotal role of every successful school is the teaching staff. Our teachers are dedicated to keeping students discover and achieve their dreams through their modern teaching method of 21st century. The school management provides all the facilities required for an educational institution and demand of student for learning purpose. It is integral to the school, aim to instill confidence self-esteem moral values and patriotism in every student of school.
I am proud of my teaching faculty to educate our youth and prepare them the best citizen of our country.

Our Values

  • HRCA Quiz and Competitions
  • Green Living Association Quiz‘s
  • All APSACS CCA Calendar events
  • In Set Competitions
  • House System/ Club Societies
  • Resources
  • Computer Lab
  • EPL and Sensorial Materials
  • Library
  • Games Excursion
  • Basic Science Lab Equipments
  • Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Parent partnership talks regarding promoting independent children work.
  • Parent conference/counseling session sharing students’ performance.

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what we do


In order to implement our Vision and Mission Statement, the APSAC System expects high standards of behavior, care and consideration for other from all its members. Each one of us should seek to set an example to others.

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Students should not be absent from school except in an emergency.Tests must never be missed. Habitual absentees will be awarded a zero. No retest is allowed under any circumstances.

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Students must bring the required books and notebook as per Time Table. Not packing the bag according to the class timetable makes the bag heavy and encumber-some for the student.

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It is of foremost importance that students come to school on time. Students coming late will be fined and will not be allowed to join the assembly.A habital late comer might be asked to return home.

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All students must come to school in proper, clean, school uniform daily, including functions, as directed by the school administration.

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School Library

Students must maintain absolute silence in the library. Books other than reference books will be issued for 2 weeks.

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